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Medical examination contents

① Entry of the interview list

問診表記入At first firstly please fill in an interview vote after the next House.
Hand paper to the person in charge after entry in a necessary matter.

② Inspection

Inspection Contents
Interview Based on an interview list, I interview you from a point of view that is Hori stick (wholism).
Ocular inspection Not to mention the distortion of the body, I check the state of a face, a tongue, eyes, hands and feet.
Palpation I palpate you from the information that I obtained by an interview, an ocular inspection in detail more.
In addition, I perform the inspection using the kinesiology.
Others Hemocyte analysis blood vessel flexible analysis autonomic nerve analysis body composition analysis

Distortion analysis


The human body causes a distortion by physical mind-like stress and appears as a distortion of the bodies.
I photograph it with a camera from 4 directions how long a distortion occurs and analyze it with a computer scientifically.
I perform medical treatment to improve a distortion from analysis and instruct the exercise.

Autonomic nerve analysis

血管弾力性分析・自律神経分析This inspection displays the state of the erasion blood vessel at a peripheral artery health degree, the peripheral artery estimated age ten years after the peripheral artery aging degree shop by an erasion blood circulation measurement clearly.
In addition, it is inspection to help a diagnosis, care such as a disease, fatigue, the depression by the stress by grasping the balance of sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve in HRV analysis (variation analysis between Heart Rate Variability: heartbeats).

③ Treatment

治療 治療
治療 治療


It is chiropractic therapy devised in the United States.
I do not depend on medicine and an operation for this cure and cure a body by a scientific and natural method, and maintenance revives health.
Cairo "hand" of the Greek and English Practicecome for the word this chiropractic from "a thing to practice".
The maneuver of the chiropractor is basic, and the method of the treatment revives a physical function by adjusting a bone and muscle literally.

Technique of the chiropractic

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

S.O.T. or Sacro Occipital Technique was discovered and developed by Major Bertrand DeJarnette.  Born on December 23, 1899 Major DeJarnette was raised in Havelock, Nebraska.  In high school he considered a career in mechanical and design engineering and earned a four-year scholarship as an apprentice in the field of experimental engineering.  In 1918 he moved to Detroit, Michigan to pursue a career in the automobile industry.  After an explosion in the factory left him severely crippled, he discovered the osteopathy as a possible way to restore his health.  He traveled to the Dearborn College of Osteopathy in Elgin, Illinois for treatment.  Due to his limited financial resources DeJarnette decided to enroll in the college since there was no charge for students to receive treatments. 

After his graduation DeJarnette returned to Lincoln, Nebraska.  However still suffering from serious back problems he met a chiropractor who convinced him to receive chiropractic care. So “the Major” similarly chose to attend chiropractic college as an economical manner to received chiropractic care and decided to enroll in the Nebraska College of Chiropractic where he received his degree in 1924.
Due to his inquisitive mind DeJarnette incorporated his engineering background and studied the works of many of the leaders of both the osteopathic and chiropractic professions.  He felt that there were several contradictions and inadequacies within the professions as well as in his own practice.  He began dividing his time between the actual practice of chiropractic and the researching of its principles.  For the next 60+ years, until his death in 1992 Major Bertrand DeJarnette continually researched and perfected his chiropractic techniques and their physiological implications.  His body of printed materials, including technique manuals, philosophical discourses, and research papers is unparalleled in the profession.

Other therapies

  • IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation)

    "IASTM" is "the treatment of the soft tissue using the appliance" and is the cure that is effective for improvement for physical various malfunctions and pains. I add to the extensibility of the muscle and improve the mobility of the joint by using it using a tool of the medical grade stainless steel in "IASTM" to rub it over skin, and adding stimulation of pressure and the vibration to an affected part and I increase or pressure nervous system to work on the strength of ligament and the tendon and can control the pain.

    It is effective for the treatment such as line inflammation of a tendon sheath, tennis elbow, a golf elbow, Achilles tenonitis, plantaris muscle film flame and knee arthralgia, shoulder arthralgia, the neck ache.

  •  Auriculotherapy

    Auriculotherapy is safe, effective micro-current stimulation of nerve endings on the outer ears to help balance and/or normalise a range of physiological and psychological functions.
    In 1990, the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) proclaimed to an international gathering that – “Auricular acupuncture is probably the most developed and best documented, scientifically, of all the micro-systems of acupuncture and is the most practical and widely used.” The WHO lists 150 diseases that Auriculotherapy is appropriate for.
    While originally based upon ancient Chinese Ear Acupuncture, the mapping of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the ear was first developed in modern France.
    In 1957, Dr Paul Nogier, a physician from Lyon, France, observed the occurrence of scars on the ear of patients who had been treated successfully for sciatica pain by lay practitioners. Dr Nogier’s subsequent research lead to the “somatotopic” map of the ear, based upon the concept of an inverted “fetus” (upside-down baby) orientation.

  • Visible ray therapy
  • The phototherapy with the eternal history was the first therapy of the Western medicine as heliotheraphy.
  • We already have the record that performed heliotheraphy in B.C. 3000. And I knew that sunbathing had a body soundly. Hippocrates considered to be a modern medical father adopted heliotheraphy in earnest.
    "I am effective against all wounds, bone fractures, tetanus"
    "I grind muscle soundly"
    "It becomes the obese prevention"
    The machine called the arc lamp is done, and it is after that heliotheraphy increases phototherapy.
    Doctor two ールズ fin then born in Denmark invented the carbon arc lamp which emitted continuous spectrum rays same as the sun strongly.
    Using this arc lamp, I succeeded in treatment of the lupus vulgaris considered to be an incurable disease.


    VAT(Vibro Acoustic Therapy)療法

    Vibration sound therapy
    The medical treatment that the first person,  Dr. Olav Skille/Norway promote for global vibration sound therapy.
    I use music (general thing) together with frequency vibration (the vibration that a frequency domain was limited to) and prescribe frequency of the sound vibration corresponding to a disease and the symptom of the patient for treatment.

  • Macrobiotics
  • Macrobiotics is the practical application of the natural laws of change. The term comes from the Greek; “macro” means great, and “bios” means life. It is a tool that allows one to learn to live within the natural order of life, the constantly changing nature of all things.
  • Macrobiotics as it is known today is the result of the tireless work and vision of George Ohsawa (1893-1966). Ohsawa developed tuberculosis at the age of fifteen. By the time he was eighteen, his mother, younger brother, and younger sister had all died of the same disease. His own illness had progressed to the point that the doctors had given up all hope for him. Determined to overcome his condition, Ohsawa began searching for alternative theories of health. He based his theory and practice of macrobiotics on Sagen Ishizuka’s (1850-1910) theory of balancing mineral salts, the early heaven’s sequence of the I-Ching, yin and yang, and other ancient Eastern concepts. He lived to the age of 73, devoting his life to teaching macrobiotic theory and writing on science, ethics, religion, and philosophy from a macrobiotic point of view.

  • Forest therapy
  • With the forest therapy, I fix the balance of mind and body using forest environment and am going to perform disease prevention, improvement.
    In our center, I keep nature of the Yatsugatake foot of a mountain alive and adopt the breathing method or meditation in the forest.
       Nordic Walking
  • Nordic Walking is a form of physical activity, where regular, natural walking is enhanced by the addition of the active use of a pair of specially-designed Nordic Walking poles. However, the characteristics of natural, biomechanically-correct walking and appropriate posture are maintained in all aspects.
    It is exercise announced in Finland in 1997.
    Using stock (pole) of the Nordic skiing, it is exercise to walk.
    The effect is proved by whole body exercise to use 90% of muscles in the body for scientifically and shows an expanse as "the healthiest sports" throughout the world including Europe and America.
  • Balneotherapy
With the balneotherapy, I fix the balance of mind and body using a hot spring and am going to perform disease prevention, improvement.
Around our center, there are various hot spring facilities.
I choose the hot spring in accord with constitution using the facilities and program it.
④ Explanation


As a result of inspection, treatment mentioned above, I explain improvement methods such as a meal, exercise, the stress by a treatment program and daily life such as treatment, a period, the number of times.
⑤ Rate

Inspection charges 3,240 yen
Treatment charges 5,400 yen (all tax-included.)

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